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Special environmental conditions generally refer to high temperature environment, low temperature environment and high altitude environment.
When the ambient temperature is too low (specifically the ambient temperature is lower than -10 ° C), the viscosity of fuel is increased, and evaporation and atomization ability of fuel is poor, resulting in deterioration of quality of the combustible gas mixture. Poor combustion will result in a decrease in the output power of the diesel generator set, while the exhaust gas concentration will increase and the exhaust emissions will deteriorate. In addition, when the lubricating oil is at a low temperature. Increased viscosity and lower lubricating effect and bigger frictional resistance of each moving member result in an increase in the resistance torque when starting. In addition, cold start of the diesel engine too often will reduce life span of diesel engine.

In the plateau environment, the most influential factors for diesel generator sets are low pressure and low temperature, especially atmospheric pressure, which has the greatest impact on diesel engines. The power of engine decreases; fuel consumption of diesel and oil increases and heat load rises, which has a great influence on power of Gensets and main electrical parameters. In addition, the high UV intensity of the high altitude environment and air dry high dust conditions also have a certain impact on its normal work.
Therefore, we have made a number of special designs for these environments to adapt to certain environmental requirements.
1. Low temperature resistance.
2. High humidity protection.
3. High altitude correction is accurate.
1. For high temperature environment, we can increase the heat dissipation of radiator tank and increase fuel cooler and lubricant cooler to increase the heat dissipation of Gensets. At the same time, the heat-insulating components such as exhaust pipe, corrugated vibration-damping section and the muffler are insulated and wrapped in the machine room.
2. For the extremely cold environment, we carry out the necessary heating for engine intake, lubricating oil, engine coolant, engine starting battery and engine fuel.
3. For the environment with high ambient humidity, the electric cabinet and the alternator are heated by the space heaters, wherein the engine and the alternator are coated with special anti-rust paint.
4. For high altitude environments,  we need to perform necessary power corrections for engines and alternators, as well as use high-altitude dedicated water tanks and radiators. For environmental altitudes above 3,500 meters, we need to use special electrical gas parts.
1. All gensets design are based on professional fluid software for simulation and analysis.
2. All gensets cooling systems use 50 degrees Celsius ambient temperature as a reference.
3. Engine and alternator are selected from international famous brands.
4. High degree of customization can be fully customized according to user requirements.
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