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The "lifeline" of a modern mine: the 9MW generator set
As a typical representative of the energy industry, the mining industry plays a pillar role in the global economy and it can be said that "minerals are the food of industry and mines are the land of food".
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Frontline News | LEES workshop skills training
In order to continuously improve the skill level and practical operation ability of workshop operators and to strengthen the personal ability of employees, the LEES workshop held a workshop frontline skill assessment competition based on this background.
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Power to you! Create an in-house training system to help improve the overall professionalism of your position!
At the beginning of this year, LEES prepared and issued the staff education and training plan for 2022, requiring all departments to effectively perform their training duties, do a solid job of training, promote all personnel to speed up the ability to perform their duties, and lay the foundation of human resources for the enterprise to complete the tasks and high-quality development for the whole year.
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Rental Projects | Breaking the mould,LEES inspires innovation: Diesel generator sets with small size and large capacity
At present, many construction projects are carried out in the field, where there is no perfect power transmission network, and various equipment in the building can not operate without the supply of power, so this time people need to choose generator sets for the timely supply of power.
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LEES Culture | Happy work, happy life
In order to enhance the cohesion and collaboration of the management team, further strengthen the sense of belonging of the staff, enrich the amateur cultural life of the staff, relieve the usual work pressure, let go of the mood and show a good spirit, at the beginning of summer, our management team went to "Serenity House" to start outdoor and indoor group building activities.
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Ching Ming Festival
Waiting for the flowers to bloom
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Happy Women’s Day
The mountains and rivers are beautiful in Spring
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Annual Meeting Ceremony | 2022, let's go beyond and fly higher!
At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Li Ailong, General Manager of LEES, delivered a New Year's greeting.
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Highland Applications | 4 x 1.6 MW diesel generating sets will be delivered soon!
Recently, the company is about to ship a batch of products to a country in Central Asia, where the high pressure and alpine ~
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