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Lees Power Provides Customized Comprehensive Power Solutions to Ignite The Passion of Argentine Football
Argentina is a big football country, football has a deep origin in the history of Argentina, since the beginning of the 20th century, football has gone deep into every corner of Argentina, more and more people began to contact and fall in love with this sport. With the passage of time, football in A
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Lees Power Sales Team In Yunnan Group Building Activities
The sun is shining, in this beautiful season, the sales team of Lees Power company also ushered in their team building journey. This is not only a relaxing journey for the mind and body, but also a journey of cultivating team spirit. Yunnan, this colorful land, attracts every explorer with its uniqu
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Welcome to LEES Guangzhou Showroom!
Guangzhou, an international metropolis, once again witnessed the grand opening of the LEES Guangzhou Showroom, a new milestone for a leading company in the industry. Guangzhou is not only one of the global business centers, but also a hot land full of vitality and opportunities, playing a pivotal ro
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Cummins Visits Lees Power - Friendly Cooperation to Achieve the Future
On the sunny day of May 8th, the senior management team of Cummins Generator Technology Co., Ltd. visited Lees Power Company for a remarkable visit. Mr. Robert Reinius, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. David Lim, Asia Pacific Sales Director, Mr. Qian, China Sales and Marketing Director, and
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Bloom in the Challenge | Lees Power "MEE 2024" Dubai Tour
Half sea and half desert, is how the world once described Dubai. There, people are used to seeing blue and yellow. With a sudden rainstorm, the bustling metropolis saw a rare scene - the sky turned green in an instant. The UAE National Meteorological Center confirmed on the 17th that the UAE has suf
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Lees Power Made a Stunning Appearance at the Canton Fair and Gained Many Fans
Lees Power achieved fruitful results at the 135th Canton Fair and closed on April 19, 2024. At the exhibition, a bright "Lees Power Yellow" attracted the attention of many international merchants. They had a detailed understanding and communication about the products on display at Lees Power. We hav
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Lees Power Awarded "Advanced Collective for High-quality Development"
On March 11, Huishan High-tech Zone held the 2023 annual high-quality development summary and Commendation conference to commend the advanced collectives and advanced individuals emerging from all walks of life in the past year. Lees Power was honored and successfully won the honor of "high-quality
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Lees Power Was Once Again Recognized as a "High-tech Enterprise"
Recently, the Office of the National High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Leading Group issued the "Announcement on the record of the second batch of high-tech enterprises certified by Jiangsu Provincial Certification Agency in 2023", Lees Power once again stood out and successfully won the
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"Gather strength and work together"—— Lees Power2023 Annual Summary Meeting and 2024 New Year Party came to a successful conclusion
On February 24, 2024, Lees Power2023 Annual Summary Meeting and 2024 New Year Party were successfully held. All Lees Power employees and Lees Power partners gathered together to look back on 2023 and look forward to 2024, and start a new chapter together! The main persons in charge of each departmen
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Power-Gen International Came to a Successful Conclusion
Once a year, Lees Power meets you at Power-Gen International! The exhibition is located at the Morrill Convention and Exhibition Center in New Orleans, from January 23 to 25, 2024, lasting three days, the exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 20000 visitors, the number of exhibitors and exhibitor
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