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When Genset is running, it usually produces 95-110dB(A) noise. According to the noise requirements of GB3096-2008 in China, night noise in city should not exceed 55 dBA. The noise of Gen-set operation has caused serious damage to the surrounding environment, so the noise must be controlled.

And according to the relevant medical report, the hearing of the human body  in the occasion of high noise for a long time will be damaged very seriously. So super silent Gensets become indispensable equipment because of frequent use of power generation equipment in urban residential areas, factories, plazas, construction sites, mines, etc.

The super silent Gensets are mainly composed of a standard unit, a soundproof cover, an air intake and noise reduction device, and an exhaust noise reduction device. The soundproofing and attracting layer is provided by the soundproof cover. The noise reduction process is performed in the air inlet and exhaust passage.
The exhaust gas is combined with an industrial type and a residential muffler to reduce the noise of the high frequency and the low frequency band respectively.

The super silent Gensets are based on the standard silent Genset to take more stringent control measures on noise emission such as the labyrinth inlet and exhaust channel design.

Super silent Gensets are widely used in outdoor or indoor areas where protection and noise reduction are required for environmental protection.
1. Noise control: The noise can be controlled within 60~75 dB(A) by control exhaust noise, mechanical noise and combustion noise which generates during operation, cooling fan and exhaust channel noise, and intake noise.
The super silent Gen-set within 15kVA has a minimum noise of 60 dB(A) at 1 meter.
The super silent Gen-set within 15-30kVA has a minimum noise of 62 dB(A) at 1 meter.
The super silent Gen-set within 30-50kVA has a minimum noise of 65 dB(A) at 1 meter.
 2.Working voltage: 50Hz: 380V-440V; 60Hz: 190V-240V, 380V-480V.
1. The canopy design for super silent Gensets can be customized according to user requirements, such as space, transportation, installation, dust-proof, rain-proof and snow-proof, etc.
2. The design of base frame (including base fuel tank) can be customized according to actual needs such as large-capacity fuel tank, which can meet running time of 500 hrs at most.  We also provide customized forklift holes, lifting slings, lifting beams, etc. For easy to installation and movement, etc.
4. The design of  air inlet and outlet and their passages can be customized according to the actual application environment and user needs.
5. Customize remote monitoring system and operating system.
1. LEES use world-famous engines, such as Perkins from UK, Cummins from USA and MTU from Germany.
2. As well as alternators, such as Stamford from UK, Marathon from USA and Meccalte from Italy
3. We also use Deepsea controller for our control panel, which is original from UK.
4. Our latest design is Europe style, which is elegant and high-end.
5. We take use of powder painting to deal with our canopy surface, which could be rustproof, fume proof and fade proof. All screws outside of canopy are stainless to make sure LEES generators clean, beautiful and strong, even if it has worked for a long time.
6. LEES canopy makes use of unique deep bucket design to reduce the noise level with high quality flame-retardant and sound-absorbing sponge, as well as take in air from above, which will avoid taking dust from the ground, to keep clean of inner side, thus extend lifespan of generators.
7. We design self-governed controller box to monitor LEES generator. When we start the generator, we don’t need to open the generator door, which could make sure the low noise and keep safe for user. Electrical design is complied with national standard, neat and clear. Every cable marks its terminal number, convenient for check and maintenance. We use micro circuit breaker to take place of fuse to avoid not finding fuse problem.
8. Hanging rod as standard specification at the top of generator, which is very considerate to assemble and move.
9. Below 100kva generators, forklift grooves are also standard, which is also more convenient to move it.
10. Super silent type generators are with 4 doors: double side, double doors, which make the operating space bigger. This considerate design offers our customers convenience for keep and maintenance.
11. LEES generators also equip a lock for control panel to prevent unprofessional operation. Fuel inlet is set inside of generator to keep safe.
12. LEES generators are equipped bottom fuel tank for 8 hours running capacity.
13. Emergency stop button is set in the middle pillar. It could shut down the generator to avoid accidents.
14. LEES batteries are maintenance free with reliable quality. We equip the battery switch for generator to avoid leakage.
15. LEES radiators are copper, more reliable to keep high efficiency of heat dispersion.
16. Yellow, white, blue and red are optional for generators’ color
17. European style heat shield cover is as optional specification to reduce the temperature of generator.
18. Automatic transfer switch is also optional according to customer’s choice. It could make sure power supply continuously.
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Lees is a worldwide company
specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of generator sets, from 8kVA to 4000kVA.



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