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Some diesel generator sets need to run continuously for a long period of time or often as a prime  power supply for electrical loads. Such generator sets are called prime generator sets. Prime generator sets are available as primary and backup power supplies. In towns, islands, forest farms, mines, oil fields and other areas or mining companies that are far away from the large power grid, diesel generator sets need to be installed in order to supply local residents with electricity for production and living, . These generator sets should be operated continuously.
Important facilities such as national defense projects, communications hubs, radio stations, and microwave relay stations should have backup generator sets. The facilities of these organizations  are supplied by the mains grid. However, due to earthquakes, typhoons, wars and other natural disasters or factors that are considered to cause damage to the power grid and power outages, the diesel generator sets should be able to start up quickly and operate continuously for a long time to ensure the use of these important institutes. Continuous power supply of electrical loads,  for this type of standby generator set is also a prime type of generator set.
The emergency generator set is mainly used in important places. In case of emergency, power failure or instantaneous power failure, the emergency generator set can quickly recover and extend a period of power supply. This type of power load becomes a first-level load. When the main power supply recover, it will be switched off. .
Therefore, according to the actual environment and requirements, customized high-voltage, parallel, super silent, special environment, mobile, container-type gensets are also with increasing demands.
In addition, there are special requirements for design and customization based on noise, machine room, fuel supply system, smoke exhaust system, and remote monitoring system.
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