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With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's material living standard, there are more and more power demands in different situations, such as data centers, modern office buildings, poly-silicon production plants, mining sites etc.. Commonly used low-voltage 400V AC diesel generator sets have large transmission lines, large line losses, which are difficult to lay out with high cost. In many cases, it is difficult to meet real demand. At this situation, high-voltage generator sets can fully reflect its value.

As prime or standby power supply for diesel generator sets, the capacity requirements are getting larger and larger.A few big power diesel generator sets need to be connected to the single unit or connected to the grid to meet the power requirements of the load. As Gensets quantity increases, it is necessary to build a separate machine room, and the distance from the actual use load is getting farther and farther. There are transmission defects in the parallel operation of multiple low-voltage diesel generator sets. In order to be safer and more reliable, the use of high-voltage Genset is undoubtedly the best choice.

The development and improvement of big power diesel engines, large-capacity high-voltage alternators and control system technology have made the advantages of high-voltage diesel generator sets gradually appear, and the market demand is strong, which has become a main solutions of emergency power supply for large-capacity, long-distance transmission, high intelligence and high reliability. 

High-voltage Gensets are widely used in high-end service industries such as telecommunications, metallurgy, airports, mining sites, ocean islands, large data centers, large-scale urban complexes, black start for medium and large-scale power plants, and prime or backup power systems for high-end manufacturing.