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With the acceleration of urbanization construction, the building space is becoming more and more compact and the high-frequency transition and noise requirements of some special applications are getting higher and higher. The containerized canopy has emerged as canopy of diesel generator sets.
1. Select 40’GP or 20’GP container and high cube container according to gensets power.
2. Noise can be controlled below 85 dB(A).
3. According to the gensets power and application site to choose local radiator or remote radiator.
4. Electric air inlet and outlet blinds.
5.30 micron air intake filter.
1. Different sizes of containers can be selected according to user requirements.
2. The remote radiator can be selected according to the actual use requirements.
3. Optional manual or automatic blinds for air intake and exhaust vents.
4. Add fuel type heater according to ambient temperature.
1. It has the CSC certification of the International Container Safety Convention, and the whole machine can be directly transported as a standard container, which greatly saves transportation costs.
2. The container girders are manufactured by square tubes (unlike ordinary standard containers) to improve the mechanical strength of the container and to withstand the higher dynamic load of the generator set.
3. The door can be opened before and after the container, which is convenient for the user to routinely maintain and repair the generator and engine radiator. If there is a need for overhaul, the unit can conveniently take out from any end of the container.
4. The bottom of the container is equipped with an engine “three leakages” collection system to prevent “three leakages” from polluting the environment.
The control panel and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, facilitating the user's daily operation and output cable connection.
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