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Before new referrals of every new generating set, we need to go through sampling, testing, inspection, rectification and re-testing, review and improvement... Our every evaluation will be not less than 3 times. There are many departments who participate in the review, such as sales department, purchasing department, production department, technology department, even we also invite our customers to participate the review to put forward valuable advice. Only through the strict review, we just can deliver to our customers.

At the same time, LEES study and improve the existing products and equipment in order to meet the highest requirements of function, reliability, safety and quality. LEES engineers will give full consideration of design for generators in different workplace standard application to meet demands of our customers.



In the next decade, the most competitive company will be those who integrate sustainability into their core value. Sustainable development for Lees means leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the environment.

Our strategy is to provide products, services and solutions that make efficient use of the world's natural resources and reduce unnecessary impacts on people, environment, and economic. This means that we leverage resources including technology and innovation to:

* Promote and protect individual safety and well-being


* Provide employment, education and training


* Minimize the use of energy, materials, water and land


* Maximize recycling


* Minimize emission


* Optimize the use of renewable resources

What we do. Certainly more than making generators and engines.

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Lees is a worldwide company
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