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Foreign trade salesperson

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Position description:

1. Mainly responsible for developing  foreign trade customers, operating the foreign trade order, communicating and coordinating with foreign customers;

2. Using Alibaba and other B2B platforms to a large number of enquiries then develop customers; salesperson can participate in professional exhibitions at home and abroad (not less than 2 times per year);

3. Responsible for contacting customer, preparing quotations, participating  in business negotiations, and signing the contract;

4. Responsible for customers' development, maintenance, and sales service;

5, Responsible for sorting and filing related business materials.


1. College degree or above, English CET 4 or above, with fluent listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; 

2. 1 years experience in business operations, familiar with the operation process of trade and relevant laws and regulations;

3. Familiar with B2B trading platform; relevant successful experience is preferred;

4. Adaptability is strong; independently carrying out sales work is necessary.

Company information:

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